Song of the Cauldron

CauldronAncient weaver weaves the web
Let energies be spun with every twist of your thread
Your loom rattles on as you spin into the night
Make webs of intention with all of your might
We see you within behind the final door
You are the matrix, the energy cauldron bubbling on the floor
From your great being we came into the world
Watching our energy every second unfold
The liquid is spilt and we take just a drop
With eyes of great wisdom we see into the pot
There are rhythms upon rhythms spiraling forever around
The universe is fluid as nothing is bound
Take a step into the cosmos and ride the sacred boat
Ride the oceans of power and keep yourself afloat
To see into the cauldron we meet the gods alone
This is the place where they sit on the throne
On a path of power we walk the dragons spine
Weaving elemental energies within the ancestral twine
The goddess is there dreaming the cosmic dream
And we find ourselves sentient in the place in-between
We look into her eyes and see our own alight
Our deepest fears are confronted as we send fear into the night
It all becomes clear when we sit and still our minds
Look into the darkness and see what you find
A dance of energies forever in play
The cosmos turns forever in a night and a day

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