Clearing Negative Energy by Liz Tomboline.

Have you ever felt the change in the energetics of a room where there has been discord or an argument, been tired and drained at work for no apparent reason, or uncomfortable and fidgety  when a difficult visitor has left? There are some really simple things you can do to change the energy and feel more comfortable.

Before your energy work, it is best if you can open the doors and windows. This not only allows the free flow of air through the room, but helps clear the energy as you release it.

Sound – is a quick and easy remedy. 

You can clap into the corners with the intention of shifting heavy energy (sounds a bit daft, but really does work!) You can also use bells, a drum or any percussion instrument, or even your voice (try sounding Om for example). This is an ancient practice and is used by many traditions around the world. The sound waves disturb and consequently change the energy frequencies in the room allowing them to move. The positive intention you transmit into the space uplifts the energy.

Smudging – is another traditional way used in many cultures to clear energy.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 12.25.39Use cleansing herbs, for example, rosemary, sage, mugwort, Native American white sage etc., or aromatic resins such as frankincense or myrrh can also be used.  If you prefer to use joss sticks, make sure they are made with pure ingredients as many of them have synthetic scents, which are not very healthy.

The idea with smudging is to burn these herbs and use the smoke to cleanse and purify the space in a room. Some smudging herbs come ready tied into bundles which can be lit directly, or alternatively you can sprinkle a few dried leaves into a heat proof dish and set light to them allowing them to smoulder. Resins can be burned on a charcoal disc and the easiest way to do this is place the disc on a mound of salt in a teacup, although you can also use an earthenware bowl, an abalone shell and so on. It is best to use something to absorb the heat from the bottom of the charcoal such as sand or dry earth, just to make it easier to carry around.

Once you have the smoke going, use a favourite feather or fan to waft it into the corners and around the room. Obviously watch out for your smoke detectors! The smoke and the use of the feather break up negative energy releasing it.

Essential Oil Spray:

It is not always practical to use smoke, especially at work, so another more discreet  way is to use a small spray bottle (the kind you can buy in the chemist to decant your cosmetics into when you go on holiday) or a plant mister. If you use a plant mister, make sure it is a new or clean one! Add some water and a few drops of a cleansing or clearing essential oil, such as lemon, Melissa, grapefruit, rosemary and so on. Replace the lid of the spray, give it a shake and mist the room paying particular attention to the corners and behind furniture where the energy can become stagnant.

This not only helps dissipate negative energy, but also adds a lovely dose of negative ions and a fabulous fragrance.

If you want to increase the energetic effectiveness of your spray you can do some or all of the following:

  • Charge the water with healing energy or sunlight
  • Add some salt to the water, a powerful cleanser and negative ion maker
  • Add a small crystal to the water, such as a rose or clear quartz
  • Ground your own energy by imagining long, deep roots growing from your feet deep into the earth and concentrating your intention to bring cleansing and peace into the room before you start.


Light is another brilliant way to clear energy. Light a white candle and shine the light into all the dark spaces in a room, having the intention of clearing energy. Leave the candle to burn down completely. Please make sure you take care with candle flames and the melted wax, and do not leave them unattended.

A modern day method in an emergency is to use a strong torch such as a halogen bulb and shine into the corners, again with the intention for shifting heavy stagnant energy.

Sunlight is also an amazing energy clearer – open the windows, draw back the curtains and let nature do the work!


Is a powerful cleanser and just using salt sprinkled around the edge of a room, leaving a sprinkling in all the corners is a brilliant way to break up stuck energy. Salt is very protective too. It can easily be swept up afterwards.

Afterwards -to bring peaceful energy to a cleared room, you can use a scented candle (no synthetic scents); use blessing smudges such as sweetgrass or lavender;  burn uplifting essential oils in a burner, such as Neroli; play music; use soft lighting and so on. Many of these things we do naturally, but used with a bit of awareness and positive intention makes them all the more powerful!

Happy cleansing!

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