Winter Oghams

Trees Associated with the Winter Quarter of the year

The final Grouping of trees are those we meet in the Winter, the first being the evergreen PINE tree. This tree grants the overview of life, it enables us to see the bigger picture instead of getting stuck in the details. We come to realise through this tree the Vision of the ever unfolding eternity of our soul.

We become initiated into the world of the Spiritual Warrior, one whose mind is elevated and aware of the responsibilities this brings.

The GORSE bush is the second in this grouping and when we listen to its wisdom we remember the flush of Yellow flowers awash in the springtime. this enables us to remember the sunshine so we can carry it in our hearts through the darkness of winter.

The HEATHER we find out on the open fell, full of passion and filling the seekers soul with love. Without love there can be no movement to the flow of life for it is this force that keeps the universe in balance. We remember the hot summer days and look downwards towards the forrest below and we realise just how far we have come along the paths of our soul. We can sit for a while contemplating our journey and with the thoughts of warmer days we wrap our cloaks tightly around us from the bitter cold.

As we near the end of our journey through the Wild wood we see that our journey has inspired many adventures. The trees have nurtured our inner thirst for quest and we now realise that through our experiences we have gained a true source of knowledge with can authentically support our life. It is through meeting the ASPEN tree that we learn this wisdom and realise that all we can ever look for can only be found within!

Finally the journey comes full circle and we come to understand that all things are impermanent and all that has form dissolves back into formlessness. this is the teaching of the YEW tree, the tree of Death and Rebirth. The yew lives for thousands of years – some say they never die, that points to a hidden truth within our selves.

Our soul is eternal and forever on a journey, each time we incarnate we begin a another trail in the great Greenwood. some times we will find the centre and drink from the eternal well, other times we stay in the open enjoying the sun. Either way all journeys on whatever paths the spiritual warrior takes all lead to the same place.

We move through the wisdom of the yew and are reborn once again in the springtime to the BIRCH the cycle of eternity continues and another adventure begins!

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