Summer Oghams

Trees Associated with the Summer Quarter of the year.

You will have walked the first quarter turning with the cosmic tides of spring and now entering summer we meet the HAWTHORN, She is the great Mother and through her we find belonging, she is the great Feminine force of the cosmos from where all phenomena come and to where all phenomena eventually return.

The Mighty OAK is the next to greet you, the Lord of the forrest. He is looking for courage and endurance within all who tread the ancient pathways. He offers you Strength to carry on seeking when times get hard, Take from him all he offers as his Totems are Mighty Shields.

The Forrest can be a dangerous place as it faces the seeker with challenges, it is the HOLLY tee which stands crossing your path. Be respectful and humble and you will pass through the thicket unscathed, be Brash and arrogant and the Holly leaves will lash and tear your skin to ribbons.

The Holly can punish but this is always with unconditional love as this tree wants you to succeed upon your quest for knowledge. To fulfil our quest we must have a pure heart and its through the Holly bush we push through unharmed into the HAZEL GROVE.

Surrounded by the trees of wisdom they shower the seeker with knowledge. You have come far into the Greenwood and this is the time for silence, sit for a while in the stillness of meditation. The Final Tree in the Second Group is the APPLE tree, she integrates all your experiences and creates a foundation from where the next journey can begin. It is a time of completion and celebration as you have moved through the the brightest time within the forrest. Summer is a time of Maturity and through the challenges of the Trees you now eat the fruit of immortality and sleep for a while in dream of the universe.

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