Spring Oghams

Trees Associated with the Spring Quarter of the year.

The first tree is the BIRCH that is the Gateway to that we call higher knowledge, she alone initiates us into the knowledge of Awareness.

Once upon the path one must be cautious for there are trails which lead into heavy thicket and bramble and it is the ROWAN tree which offers her teachings of Protection, She sings to you the songs of Spiritual Strength giving you the courage to continue.

To be self aware you need guidance and it through the the GREAT ALDER tree we find that wisdom, Many before us have walked the paths, the Alder encourage you to seek them out and ask of their wisdom, for it is always given freely to those who seek. Those possessed with the Alder show inner confidence, allowing them to be balanced as they walk the way of the wild.

At night the Moon will illuminate your way within the forrest, rest for a while by the WILLOW tree and fall into her arms and dream. Cradled by the Mother and falling into the vastness of the feminine void our visions bring us inspiration and clarity.

The final tree in the first group of trees is the ASH, the great world tree and guardian of universal truths. The Ash is the great transformer who stands as keeper to the deeper mysteries which will begin to blossom when we pass under its great canopy.

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