Autumn Oghams

Trees Associated with the Autumn Quarter of the year.

Summer turns to Autumn and trees in the third group take the seeker deeper into the mysteries of the soul. This is a time when the forrest offers its fruits in the harvest of the BLACKBERRY VINE. Not officially a tree but certainly one of the teachers of the Greenwood. The vine shows your inner fruits upon the journey so far. Be aware that this is only a taste of what is to become. The vine teaches you about instincts, be courageous as you navigate the dark briar, loose your inhibitions as you move through the thicket. Remember this time as it can be one of struggle when all around seems hopeless, when the joy of youth has faded and the realisation of mortality awakens within us.

After the Bramble comes another vine the IVY, when we meet the Ivy we are embraced by the awareness of Death, Surrender and you will be free. Death can bring a change in vision as loved ones die the world changes forever. We come to realise through the Ivy that everything is impermanent and forever moving, the Ivy gives us the determination to continue.

Finding inner strength we meet the BROOM tree which washes and cleans away the dead wood, the bringer of balance and harmony washing our emotions and preserving our strength when life gets hard.

When the leaves fall we meet the BLACKTHORN tree, the one who initiates the seeker into hidden arts of transformation. The Magic from this Tree grants power to those who travel the Forrest paths showing you the way towards enforced fate.

The final tree at the end of this long journey is the ELDER tree, the Elder transforms the seeker into the healer, it is with this tree we come to learn one of the great lessons of the universe, Sacrifice!

When we surrender ourselves to the forces of the cosmos and put the needs of others before our own we start to understand the greatest teaching of all, Compassion.

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