Tree Wisdom – The Oghams

The Oghams are a form of Celtic alphabet which incorporated many associations. They were used by our ancestors the Celts as a store house of correspondences which pointed towards the wisdom within Nature.

There were Animal Oghams, Colour Oghams and Tree Oghams. It is the Oghams of the Trees we turn to for our inspiration and map of the Greenwood. This is not a recreation of the past as the Oral Traditions of our ancestors have been lost and no teachings from them have been passed to us intact. But through the knowledge we have of the trees we can begin to build a new system of working with these correspondences and weave them through our lives.

The Oghams are the 20 trees which guide our way through the forrest, each divided into four groups, each group having five Oghams, the 21st Ogham is left blank to signify the Void of potentiality. When we walk the Greenwood path we encounter each tree within the forrest and through there teachings and wisdom we come to learn the landscape of the soul. Every thing is connected within the great web of life, as the greenwood experiences the changing seasons through the year we too experience those changes within our lives. We move from Birth to Maturity then through the richness of age towards Death.

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