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The Wisdom of The Craft is a one-year course that explores all aspects of Witchcraft/Wicca. It takes you on a journey through the seasonal year giving you practical exercises and rituals that anyone can do simply and safely at home whether you are in town, city or countryside.

It’s all about developing a toolbox from the natural world that can be used for all of life’s needs. It explores the mysteries and takes you on a journey which we hope will help you connect deeply to the world around you illuminating your way and taking you onwards towards the light of eternity.

The course is available worldwide either as PDF’s via this website or as twelve booklets in the UK and Europe. Each month a new booklet (or link to the next PDF) will be sent to you by post  or email until you have received twelve modules that make up the entire journey. To enrol onto the course follow this link to our Shop Pages

In this short film Robert from The Hedgewitch Cooks explains more about The Wisdom of the Craft.


Course work 1 – Introduction.

Course work 1 introduces you to a strong foundation that all further work can be built upon. It’s also the gateway to the magical world so it’s here you will explore the doorways of initiation with exercises that help you pass through the portal to become someone who understands the wisdom of The Craft.

 Course work 2 – Magic, Sorcery & The Moon

Course work 2 is about Magic, Sorcery and the Moon and takes you on a journey to explore these enchanted worlds. It will also introduce you to the elements and for one month you will work with these qualities integrating them deeply into your life.

Course work 3 – Treading the Path

Course work 3 is all about the seasonal festivals that are celebrated during the turning wheel of the year. You will be given rituals and exercises that can be used at home to connect you to the rhythms of the planet.

Course work 4 – Offerings & Nature Spirits

Course work 4 is all about offerings and how we live in a reciprocal world of nature spirits and elementals that from time to time need appropriating with rituals and rites. This module gives you ideas on how to use the elements for such offerings and it talks also about how to dedicate your practices for the well being of all life.

Course work 5 – The Inner Teachings

Course work 5 is called ‘The Inner Teachings’, it’s when you start going deeper into the mysteries with exercises that start to explore the self and helps you to understand your destiny on the planet. It is also during this course you will start to work deeply with the God and Goddess.

Course work 6 – Truth 

Course work 6 is all about truth; it’s about how we relate to the world and how we can find ways of moving through the world authentically. It looks at the powers of forgiveness and how to confront our fears.

Course work 7 – The path towards the light.

Course work 7 looks at the life force and how it relates to the elements, you will also do further work with the God and Goddess. This course also explores the otherworld of dreams and dreaming.

Course work 8 – Betwixt the Shadows.

Course work 8 is about confronting the shadows and takes you on a journey to meet the Crone of wisdom. It also introduces you to the central focus of all craft work known as The Mill, the power house that fuels all your work with its constant energies of movement.

Course work 9 – An Old Path in a Modern World.

Course work 9 looks at our connection to the ancestors and also how we relate to our tribe and land. Because you will be working deeply with the land you will also be introduced here to the Dragon rites.

Course work 10 – Rites & Rituals for the Home.

Course work 10 is all about rituals and spells for the home, it deals with all of life’s problems and troubles and tries to offer a spell book which will help you through all of life’s difficulties. This module looks at the witch as the healer.

Course work 11 – Charms, Spells & Divination.

Course work 11 takes you on a journey deeper into the realms of magic and looks at more rituals and charms for everyday life. It’s all about having a first aid kit that you can use for yourself, friends and family when people are in need.

Course work 12 – The Summer Lands & The Golden Sun.

Course work 12 is an introduction to death and dying giving you ideas of how to help the departed soul into the summer lands. It also introduces you to something we have called ‘The Golden Sun’ a term used to describe the place we reside after death, the eternal sun that forever shines in the otherworld.

Craft-PromoWe have tried to cover as much as possible in a gentle and simple way that will enable anyone to enjoy. It’s about being practical and there’s plenty of stuff to do in each module that you work with around a busy life. We have tried to make it as accessible as possible so we hope you enjoy doing it as much as we have putting it together. All of the work has been taken from our spell books and journals of over 25 years of experience as working witches.

If you need to speak to us about any questions you have over the course Email; or use the form on the Contacts Page.

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