The Wisdom of The Craft

We are living in a very different world to the one Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern Wicca grew up in and much has changed since the emergence of Witchcraft beliefs. What was once in the shadows is now out in the open and from that exposure has come one of the fastest growing spiritual paths in the western world.

It has many forms, it changes and develops with its followers, there are Goddess focused strands, God focused strands, fairy faiths, Hedgewitches and Traditional Crafters, the list is endless and that’s what’s so beautiful about it. It’s an ever-changing face much like nature. Like the tree with its many leaves Witchcraft has one central root that goes deep into the landscape, its taproot deep into the mother, the Earth. Its nature based focus allows people to connect once more to the rhythms of the seasons through the eight festival year and the cosmic forces of creation that come to be known as the Goddess and God.

Everything needs to evolve for it to survive and if Witchcraft is going to move forward into an ever demanding world it has to be able to support its practitioners on a deep spiritual level. We have to find ways that open us to the deep resources we have within us, as people we are full of internal struggles, it’s these that give rise to so many of our problems.

Craft Promo.006The Wisdom of The Craft is all about helping people untie these knots and let them go so that they can live life free from the troubles that afflict many of us in today’s world. The main problem we face is we are starving as people, we have lost our connection to that which feeds our soul and this has left people wandering in a darkness where they know not how to get out of. All nature spiritualities shine a light in the darkness, they offer light at the end of the tunnel and beckon us back into nature, to commune once more with the forces of creation that have in fact never left us.

All that has happened is we have forgotten and it’s practices such as Wicca, Druidry, Shamanism and The Craft that are offering guidance. They teach us to know ourselves so we have a chance to be free, we have to be able to navigate both our day-to-day life and our spiritual lives so that both seamlessly blend into each other.

It’s only then that we can find a new way of living on the earth where we finally start to see nature once more as a thou rather than an it.

Witchcraft is about that connection, it opens the door to a world within, it allows us once more to connect with the deep well of wisdom that abides in each and everyone of us. All most people want is happiness and a way of life that allows them to get by without too much struggle. The tools The Craft give people the very things that can support and enrich our being. Nature is a book to be read, it gives us everything we need, it’s a sort of toolbox that has everything within it to navigate life but how do we open it. We have to stop for a moment and allow ourselves to be still, only when that happens can a gap be made for the magic to slowly come creeping through.

The Wisdom of The Craft is Witchcraft for a new generation; it’s all about giving people the necessary tools to be able to read the book of nature. That way they have access to the great storehouse of wisdom that’s all around, flowing like light from every bit of creation. It’s about being practical and concentrating on the ‘how to do’ side of The Craft and if practiced with a little effort it can bring about amazing results. It’s been written by people who have walked the path for over 25years, it’s not something that’s just been made up.

It’s a wealth of practical knowledge that has worked with for years, the stuff that hasn’t worked has not found its way into the teachings. There are new ideas which could challenge established beliefs but these are not designed to cause controversy, they are there to expand upon what is already there. We honor all those who have gone before, all those people who have walked the path and who have contributed to this wonderful flowering of traditions that have allowed people to connect deeply to life. We hope that our contribution is another small offering that will enrich and enhance the path of the Witch and in time become a valuable teaching tool for all those who seek the bright knowledge.

WOODCUT_CircleDanceWitchcraft once had a bed reputation; it had a lot to fight against especially as it’s a word that has so many connotations. In reality it’s the way of the healer, those people in the past who practiced these arts were herbalists and midwifes who had the good of the community to consider. It was through their applied knowledge that a whole manner of ailments could be cured and soothed. People of the past are no different from those of today; we still have the same worries and insecurities that niggle us through life. The Craft is about reviving that ancient knowledge and giving practitioners a toolbox of nature to use both on themselves, their family and any others who might need help.

As well as the practical side of The Craft which deals with all of life’s aliments and maladies there is also the devotional side, this is the recognition of the forces of nature that come to be known in Witchcraft practice as The God and The Goddess. These are the two principal forces of creation that are invited to play an active role in our development here upon the earth. By working with the Gods we get a sense of the infinite and by close communion we get a taste of the essence that abides within all life.

Most people fear death, spiritual practice helps us live more awake and this helps to navigate the difficult tides of life. One moment we are healthy and vital and life seems to be fun and going our way. But out of the blue things can change, illness can overwhelm us, people we love can die, circumstances can change and we find our fortunes not as bright. This is life and this is why The Craft tries to help people live well, even when things are not going great we can still rise to the challenge and carry on because it gives us a toolbox of things to use when the going often gets tough.

So what is this toolbox we talk about and what’s in it? With anything worth having it takes time to cultivate, so at first when we start to walk the path we enter into what’s known as The Outer Teachings, they talk about the world and the tides we know as the seasons. The ritual year arises within them and by allowing ourselves to stop for a while and embrace the changes that are happening around us we are moving in accordance with the rhythms of nature.

These times of acknowledgment have become the hallmark of popular Pagan belief and they are found in most traditions from Witchcraft through to Druidty. They are the four solar festivals known as the Equinoxes and Solstices and the four fire festivals which mark equal points within the solar festivals and they are known as Imbolc/Candlemass, Beltane, Lammas/Lughnasa, Samhain/Halloween. Some of the festivals are still popular in our societies such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter all falling around the Pagan calendar.

The Moon and the Sun are recognised for their qualities and knowledge of those is given in The Outer Teachings and then there is the introduction to the forces of nature, The God and The Goddess.

Once the practitioner has become familiar with the ritual year and worked their way around it, that experience brings understanding and it’s that awareness which is the arising of wisdom. Usually at this stage the Inner Teachings are then taught and these teachings move beyond the everyday world and start to work with the internal world. The Gods are no longer just forces that abide in nature but they become active principles within our very core. When this starts to happen we have glimpses of the infinite and our mortal bodies which are corrupt to change become acknowledged as vehicles that carry a more permanent reality, that of the eternal spirit.

Finally when the practitioner has been working for many years with the teachings of The Craft they start to experience a gnosis where the internal world and the external world become one. All divisions such as you and me become obsolete because all such concepts drop away revealing an illuminated presence that we call The Golden Sun.

Some people choose never to move beyond the outer teachings, this is perfectly normal as we all have free choice, others choose to delve deeper into the mysteries and these journeys accumulate knowledge. It’s this knowledge, which is then used to help others through the study of herbs, the cosmic forces of creation such as the elements and the application of magic. This is a potent word because people are drawn to its evocative power.

Magic is the ability to transform things, that’s all and the best thing to transform is our inner world that way we become magic and then in turn we can spread that energy to others who are in need. If magic is constantly use as a method to try and change our external world then we can find ourselves in all manner of difficulties. The reason for this is because we are driven by our emotions, we want this and that and seldom do we ever think about the consequences of our actions. That’s why to use magic to transform the self,  we find a place where we are less governed by our emotions and that way we can make better choices both for others and ourselves. This is what the true art of magic is all about and it’s through the path of The Craft these teachings are taught. This is why we call it Witchcraft for a New Generation.


The Wisdom of The Craft - Witchcraft for a new Generation

This is a one-year course designed for a new generation of Witches, it’s about looking at who we are now and how we are going to live in the world which is an ever changing place of stress and struggles.

We all need tools to navigate a way through life and the best place to find them is in nature. This course helps you to do just that, no matter where you live – in a city, a town, or rural village. It brings you to the very heart of nature and helps you connect in a way that will restore harmony and hopefully take you to the very source of healing. If you are a solitary practitioner – the course will allow you to connect with others on the same journey – like being part of an on-line coven.

If you want to register an interest in the course please email your details to the following address;

 Or find more information on our course page

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  1. Jess McNabb
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    I am a solitary Eclectic Kitchen Witch, and I live in a small town with not many pagan types near me. It seems like you all believe in much the same manner as I do, and it would be lovely to see what others practice.

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