Reclaiming your Power for the New Year

Start the New Year by reclaiming your power with a Fire ceremony

Light a candle and get into a meditative state. On a piece of paper, draw a circle with space around it. Within the circle write down all the things you wish to keep in your life over the coming year. You can use drawings, pictures cut from magazines, anything that represents this. The main point is to concentrate the energy of what you want to keep within the circle.

On the outside of the circle, do the same, but for things you do not want in your life any more. Really concentrate the energy.

Focus on moving away from the things you wish gone for a while. What you may come to realise is that in some instances you have given away some of your power to tyrannical people or difficult situations.

Now imagine yourself in a circle of golden light with your wise Goddess or God. Imagine drawing back your power from those other people or situations as golden light coming back into yourself and filling you. You do not want to disempower another, all you want is your own power back. if you become aware that you are holding another’s power, imagine sending that back to the person – often we take a little energy of those who have wronged us and this alien energy is discordant within us. Release it back to the appropriate place. Now draw all the golden light from the circle into yourself and thank your Goddess or God.

Now imagine your new life in 2014 and how it will be without those things, and with your wholeness. Cut the outer part of paper from the circle and place it into a small fireproof bowl and light it asking the element of Fire to transform the energy and release it back to the Universe. Watch it burn and scatter the ashes to the wind and the element of Air.

Keep the circle in a safe place, perhaps on your altar, and reinforce the things on there from time to time by reflecting on them and putting things into action. BB

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