Labyrinthine Musings

Labyrinthine Musings.001Labyrinthine Musings is a 50 minute audio performance inspired by Shaman Sam sitting in the Avebury Stone Circle during the autumn equinox of 2012. The words have been written and performed by Shaman Sam and the haunting soundtrack or soundscape has been written, recorded and produced by  Louise & Franks known as Luminous Frenzy.

Although it’s an audio experience we have added some simple images of Avebury. It’s a beautiful audio production – almost a meditative experience. Try putting aside some time and lie down and listen to the performance and let Shaman Sam and Luminous Frenzy take you on a wonderful autumnal journey.

Luminous Frenzy

“Darkly compelling themes set to epic, iridescent soundscapes with vague echoes of DJ Shadow, David Lynch and Joy Division” Time Out (London)

Luminous Frenzy are musical collaborators featuring Singer/DJ Louise Luminous and ‘Godlike guitar genius’ Frank Frenzy, whose debut album ‘Violence Ambience’ (Freeport Records) was released in 2006. Frank is an award-winning composer most recently writing the music for Dan Jemmett’s French theatre show Ubu Enchaine starring footballer turned actor Eric Cantona. Luminous was voted one of the ‘Top 100 Female DJs’ in the world. Hear her sing the critically acclaimed Luminous Frenzy single ‘Three Cliffs Bay’ on YouTube

Find out more about Shaman Sam

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