Avebury Samhain or Halloween Labyrinth


As the nights draw in and become darker, and the movement towards the winter solstice becomes perceptible, we invite you warmly and welcomely to our Annual Samhain Labyrinth in Avebury. We need as ever, your willingness to participate, bring your poi, your fire, your wands, staffs and your magic for this deep adventure into the underworld on this night of mystical adventure. The veil between the worlds is thin, and we, for a moment are allowed to peer in, to recieve the blessings of the Dark Goddesses, and the wisdom revealed from release. Hail and Welcome!

The Samhain or Halloween Labyrinth in Avebury on the night of the 31st October is a public event where everyone can come and experience the evening by walking a Labyrinth and it becomes a way of letting go of things we might not want to hold on to any more, emerging from the Labyrinth renewed and energised for the year ahead.

This has become a very well supported annual event in Avebury and is a great night out. The Labyrinth is open from 7-9pm.

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