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Mandy Mitchell and Sue Baxter share a passion for cookery and a belief in magic.

The HedgeWitch Cooks seeks to be a new kind of television lifestyle and food show. It aims to be a feel-good series in which daily chores become magical rituals with the potential to transform your life. This is the self-funded pilot programme that started the adventure. We had hoped that a British broadcaster would pick up on what we were trying to do and commission us to make a series. Despite the massive growth and interest in all aspects of Paganism, Wicca and Druidry, clearly demonstrated by the 2011 census results (now officially the 7th most popular “religion” in the UK), it has not yet translated to a wider representation on British TV.

Having made our 30 minute pilot programme and really believing in what we had done, we decided we had no choice but to go it alone. The broadcasting landscape is dramatically changing and anyone can now be a broadcaster thanks to YouTube. We decided to build our own website, create a Facebook page and start a YouTube channel, and we’ve been blown away by the response. In just over a year we’ve generated a following of nearly twelve thousand fans on Facebook and it continues to grow by the day. Our posts are regularly seen by over 250,000 people worldwide – over half in the US with many people following us in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and numerous other countries. What has been so humbling is the dialogue we have with the people following our page. It has fast become a thriving on-line Pagan community. We have been inspired by people’s desire to learn – particularly our Wicca cousins in the US who are keen to discover more.  Some Witches are lucky to meet and practice in groups or covens and have the support of friends – but we also know from our Facebook page that many of you are solitary Witches following your path alone – often living in towns and cities far away from nature. This can sometimes be an isolated and lonely place to be a Witch. This is why we want to become a resource for everyone to turn to for advice or help and support. Over the past year it’s been an honor and a pleasure to reach out to so many people and help them realise they are not alone and that’s why we are determined to help move Paganism into the mainstream.

This original pilot programme has inspired us to continue to produce video content for this website but we will have a wider remit so it’s not just about cooking, it’s about improving the quality of your life and living in harmony with world around you. We’ll still do cookery and all the recipes we do are cheap, don’t  have loads of ingredients and are easy to cook and have been exclusively designed for this site.

So why don’t you bring a little magic into your homes with The Hedgewitch Cooks.

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