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 ROBERT KYLE  - is a wisdom keeper and practicing Druid. He has studied the indigenous spiritual traditions of the British Isles and is an expert on our old folklore.


Robert will explore the turning wheel of the year and bring you the traditions associated with the 8 Celtic festivals.  He will explore the ancient tree wisdom of the Oghams, which is a system of correspondences associated with the trees, and run The Wisdom of The Craft on line courses.

Not only is Robert and expert in our native traditions but he is also a shamanic practitioner who and has studied other spiritual traditions of the world with authentic spiritual masters – such as Inti Cesar Malasquez, a Peruvian Shaman and Lama Khemsar Rinpoche a lineage holding master from the Yungdrung Bon pre-buddhist tradition of Tibet.

Robert has spent his career working in Television and through this multi faceted industry has come to understand that the way forward for us upon this planet is to use our technology for creating programs that can offer insights into other ways of living in our modern world.

He is also an artist and has shown two solo exhibitions in London in the past four years, both exploring the world we currently live in and looking at possible ways of moving forward with awareness.

liz151009LIZ TOMBOLINE – has been practicing the healing arts for 30 years. She is a qualified Psychotherapist having gained a Post Graduate Diploma from Reading University, following a long career in mental health.

Liz is a trained and experienced Group Facilitator and has run groups for many years in a range of settings, from psychiatric therapy treatment groups through to support groups for new mothers for the National Childbirth Trust.

Liz is also a qualified and accredited Shamanic Healer and Practitioner, having been taught by British Shamans, a Mayan Shaman and a Witch, and she has taught shamanic healing practices since 1998. Liz has also studied spiritual teachings from a Tibetan lineage holding master of the 18,000 year old pre-Buddhist spirituality, Yung-Drung Bon.

Additionally, Liz studied Traditional Medical Herbalism, Nutrition and Natural Healing with Jill Davies a master herbalist, and at the International Register of Consultant Herbalists and Homoeopaths School of Herbal Medicine.

Liz will be writing and tutoring the correspondence courses with Robert and producing content on a wide range of subjects. Liz designs and crafts jewellery and will help co-ordinate and develop a range of products for the Hedgewitch Cooks on-line shop (coming soon).

163021_1721282907452_3959720_nSAM AUKLANDMy name is Sam Aukland, and I live in the beautiful Wiltshire village of Avebury. This village within a Sacred Circle, known for its resonance, its stones, Silbury, The Cove, The Henge, Crop Circles and Barrows. It supports my need within for wild spaces, shamanic ritual and celebration, allowing access to Deep Memory. Here, the standing stones still stand, the henges are still deep and these places of power still evocatively touch something deeper within each one of us. Now a World Heritage site, and taken care of under the auspices of the National Trust, I suggest Avebury represents a stable and enduring lens that we may view mans’ wayfaring and evolving flow through time. A stabilizing force. Resolution (re-solution) A lens, with a wide aperture and accurate focus.

Through this lens, liminal spaces have illuminated my insight and allowed me to express myself creatively, with the ‘Labyrinthine Musings” being recorded in 2009. Since then, I entered a different creative space reading an MSc. in Climate Change at Birkbeck, University of London. Even here, I allowed the animistic connection to the land guide my academic research.

I am also a registered homeopath, a mum, a midwife/doula, a storyteller, a shamanically trained healer, ceremonial wyrdwoman, visionary wildwoman, a transitioner, a daughter, a rainbow lover ♥ I am NOW here and EVERY where.



_MG_0466NIGEL MILHAM - has been interested in Earth centred spirituality since visiting Avebury as a teenager, and has been an enthusiast of ancient sites since childhood. After a long career in aeronautical engineering, Nigel decided he needed a more fulfilling career, so worked for a mental health charity in Cornwall, while preparing to go to university. He combined his love of history and culture by gaining a Sociology degree and after graduating, Nigel worked in disability support, helping university students overcome their disabilities.

Nigel moved back to Wiltshire in 2012 and established Vandrefalk Forge Ltd, that has enabled him to work with his love of history, culture and use his metal and woodworking skills to manufacture medieval shields and other historically accurate items.

Nigel is the Hedgewitch Craftsman, designing and producing the Pentacle shelves and rune sets among many other things. His background in engineering means he has a keen eye for detail and this, tempered with his love of history and interest in magic, means his work is imbued with positivity and made with a passion to produce something unique.

Other regular contributors to the website;

Kristoffer Hughes


The team is supported by:

Steve April 12 - 05 - Version 2 STEVE SMITH – a BAFTA award winning television producer and director with over 25 years experience of making a range of programmes including numerous cookery shows. Working with Gordon Ramsey, Lorraine Pascale, The Hairy Bikers, and most recently as series director on Food Glorious Food – an ITV food competition to find Britain’s most glorious recipe. Steve will act as Editor of the Hedgewitch Cooks website and will take responsibility for liaising with the editorial team over commissioning content.




DEAN WHITEHOUSE –  is web developer, graphic designer and editor. He is the technical genius behind developing and designing the new Hedgewitch Cooks website and will oversee all our IT issues and act as our Creative Director.

_MG_0226CHRISTIAN ALDRIDGE - is a director, editor and self-shooting cameraman and is responsible for creating the video content for the website.

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