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The HedgeWitch Cooks is a collective of wisdom-keepers keen to share their knowledge and wisdom with others across the world. We are also keen to gather more knowledge, customs, traditions and folklore to ensure we preserve them for future generations.

We focus on the things which matter most to us all – our friends and family, food, health, our emotional well-being and relationships. Throughout the website we’ll demonstrate how you can reconnect with nature and live in harmony with the seasons. We’ll present ancient knowledge that can be used by everyone today, whether you live in a town, a city or the countryside. With the HedgeWitch Cooks, daily chores can become magical rituals with the potential to transform your life. It’s Witchcraft for a New Generation.

Kitchen Magic and The Way of The Witch.

Years ago wise-women or hedge-witches were common place. They were trusted and revered and were found in every rural community. They had very practical skills and were the midwives, doctors and herbalists with an extensive knowledge of medicinal, herbal and culinary practices. They worked in harmony with the seasons and could be counted on to help, support, advise and serve the community they live in. The knowledge they possessed was passed down – often orally – from generation to generation.

Over recent years our communities have become fractured and the knowledge once held by HedgeWitches is becoming diluted or forgotten. Many of us no longer even live in the communities we grow up in – as we are often forced to move away from our home towns to go to college or to seek work.

We want this website to become a new on-line community for Witches, Pagans and Druids to be able to come together and share ideas. Some Witches are lucky to meet and practice in groups or covens and have the support of friends – but we also know from our Facebook page that many of you follow your path alone – often living in towns and cities far away from nature. This can sometimes be an isolated and lonely place to be a Witch. This is why we want this website to become a resource for everyone to turn to for advice or help and support.

We believe as Witches it is our duty to serve our communities and as modern life can sometimes seem overwhelming, there is a desire among many to find a new, more holistic, way of living where we can achieve a much better work / life balance. So as we forge new on-line communities, where social networks occupy a bigger space in our lives, we hope there is a new role for a modern Hedgewitch to serve these new communities by offering wisdom and knowledge in an on-line form.

The HedgeWitch Cooks is all about looking at who we are now and how we are going to live in the world which is an ever changing place of stress and struggles. It’s all about developing a toolbox from the natural world that can be used in all of life’s needs. We will explore the mysteries and takes you on a journey which we hope will help you connect deeply to the world around you illuminating your way and taking you onwards towards the light of eternity.

Being a Hedgewitch is all about knowledge and knowledge is a great and powerful tool. We could all do with a little more knowledge and it’s amazing that the more that you learn the more you want to learn.

How To Use This Website:

We have tried to make the site easy to navigate around. Using the menu bar on each page, there are nine tabs to choose from; Home, About, Courses, Wisdom, Recipes, Herbs, News, Store and Contact. Here is what you will find in each section.

The Home tab will take you back to our home page where you will find links to all the latest videos, recipes and new content. You are already in the About section – giving information about the site and the HedgeWitch team.

Courses – we want the HedgeWitch Cooks to be a place for learning – and for us to be able to pass on the knowledge and wisdom we have amassed from over 25 years of personal practice. In this section you will find details of all the courses we run, everything from on-line or distant learning courses to one-day courses at HedgeWitch Cottage in the heart of magical Wiltshire.

Wisdom – we are passionate about preserving the wisdom and knowledge which was once widely known and used in all our communities. We’ll offer wisdom our grandparents knew and lived by – presenting simple household ideas that can enrich your lives. This knowledge is part of our national heritage and is fast being forgotten by the younger generation and is in danger of dying out. We aim to revive our indigenous and ancient knowledge that can be used by everyone today wherever you live. In this section of the website you will find pearls of wisdom, from Ogham Tree Wisdom, to sections on the Wheel of the Year and the Seasonal Festivals to Magic, Spells, and Folklore. We also want your help to preserve knowledge. If you know something – perhaps an old traditional recipe, or a piece of folklore – that you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you.

Recipes – We’re going to share the secrets of the hedgerow and show you how to make some magical meals for your friends and family. Mandy will bring her own take on age-old recipes for affordable, beautiful food that is both easy to cook and inspirational. Remember, as the seasons change – from spring to summer and autumn to winter – the hedgerows that surround us, both in town and country, are full of things we can gather and use for free. So it’s not just about cooking, it’s about improving the quality of your life and living in harmony with world around you. All the recipes we do are cheap, don’t  have loads of ingredients and are easy to cook.

Herbs – Hedgewitches were herbalists and knew the secrets of the hedgerow. In this section we will share these secrets telling you about the magical, and medicinal  properties of many common herbs and how they can enhance your life in many ways. Whether you wish to use the herbs in practical ways such as for cleaning, or magical ways for protection or for healing many common aliments, we’ll have loads of ideas and information to pass on. In time we hope to offer on-line consultations with Liz, our HedgeWitch Cooks medicinal herbalist.

News - Here you will find all the latest, most topical items and stories – things that are relevant to the season we are experiencing at the moment. We also hope to commission articles and stories from other writers to share with our community.

Shop - The HedgeWitch Cooks shop will eventually have three departments – Publications & Courses, where you can sign up and order any of the courses we run, as well as select booklets on a range of subjects. Tools for The Craft will be offering hand-man tools to help you with your practice – everything from our Pentacle Altar Shelves to Witches Runes – all handmade by Nigel the HedgeWitch Cooks craftsman in his workshop near Avebury. We also offer Jewellery exclusively designed and made by Liz.

Contact – is obviously where you can get in touch with us and send us your contributions to the site.

Hedgewitch Lore: The tradition of being a hedgewitch was to follow a sacred path that teaches wisdom. It’s to live in harmony with the earth and to respect all and harm none. We at the Hedgewitch Cooks follow these simple principles and everything we use is natural, free from chemicals and where possible organic.

We believe that if you put a little love and intent into everything you do, including cooking, it can produce some magical results.

Magic is everywhere – if only you open your eyes to its possibilities.

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